If there’s one important task you have as a principal, it’s to invest in the emotional bank account of your staff. The reason for this is simple, you are working with human beings who need to feel seen, heard, and validated. What’s more, these individuals have a plethora of skills and talents that can be of incredible service to you as a principal. But you can’t ask for their help if you haven’t invested in their emotional needs first with your presence, openness, and compassion.

In today’s coaching, I’m going to share a real-life example of what this can look like and how incredible the outcome can be!

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One thing every new school leader needs to adapt to is the responsibility they now have to make so many decisions. But sometimes, a principal needs to make very difficult decisions and act according to the wellbeing of the entire school, and that can be incredibly stressful.

In today’s coaching, I’ll walk you through an approach I’ve used that has helped me feel confident in my decision-making process while validating the feelings and needs of my staff.

I would love to know what your takeaways are from today’s talk. Please feel free to post your comment below!

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One of the most common questions I get asked is how to manage difficult conversations brought on by conflict. The thought of having to call back an irate parent for example can easily make your stomach churn!

In today’s coaching, I’ll offer a powerful 3-step approach to help school leaders resolve conflict - consciously! This approach has never failed me and will become a key strategy you will use in all areas of your life.

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