Do you know how to set yourself up for success?

I just LOVE this expression and I use it all the time. It signals to me that I’m in control of my environment and my thoughts and as a result, allows me to shine my brightest light as an educational leader.

In today’s talk, I’ll walk you through three ways you can flourish as a first-year principal notwithstanding our current reality.

How are you doing so far?

If you’re like most new principals, you may be finding it challenging to manage your stress given the challenges we’re facing. In today’s talk, I’ll teach you three strategies to help you take back control so you can take care of your emotional needs.

This is an important lesson because it teaches you how to fill your cup so you can be of service to others!

If there's one thing we're learning during this pandemic, it's that the only certainty we have is that nothing is certain! Having experienced this as a supervisory officer, I want to share with you the best strategy I've found to lead a staff with as much support and clarity as possible during these difficult times.

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