Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I know we have been conditioned by culture (and dare I say our families) to put the needs of others before our own, but believe me, this is NOT a winning formula.

Just think of it for a minute. How effective can you be for others (children, partner, staff, students) if you're running on empty? In fact, part of being a school leader means accepting how critical your role is in the community. And with that comes a great deal of responsibility. People are depending on you and need your support and guidance. Because of this, it's impossible to give your best if you're running on fumes.

That means you need a plan!

In today's talk, I'll deconstruct this notion further, so I`ll hope you'll watch and of course, leave a comment!

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I don't know about you, but I find it so difficult to leave work behind - psychologically speaking. In other words, you physically leave school, but mentally, your brain is still going over the conversations you've had, the decisions you've had to make, and the reports still left to complete. In other words, you're not really present for your loved ones once you arrive home and unfortunately, they can sense it!

In today's video, I`ll show you some simple strategies to help you decompress at the end of the day to allow yourself the time and space to mindfully transition from work to home!

Let's dive in!

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I get this question all the time from aspiring principals - HOW WILL I MANAGE WORK AND LIFE???

In this video, I break down the myth of work-life balance and offer a real solution to help new and aspiring leaders thrive in all aspects of their lives!

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